We’re not afraid to provoke. Our fragrances are made to excite and inspire: some are subversive, others are straightforward, all are compelling in their own right. He, she, they, YOU - our confessions are not caged in by gender. We blend traditionally feminine notes with masculine undertones, and vice versa, to create fragrances that are anything but ordinary. 

When it comes to ingredients, we have to confess: we’re kind of picky (read: very). We go straight to the source: Haiti for vetiver, France for clary sage, Mauritius for pink pepper - because we like to spice things up. Responsible sourcing is not just good practice - or, a barometer for cool - it’s vital, the core of our foundation. We’re doing local, on a global scale, collaborating with the best & brightest small-batch farmers who do things a little differently - like us. Brazen, original and (usually) discreet, each story starts with all the right notes.