Talk about dripping with confidence

The moment you decide you don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks, a certain sense of freedom takes over. Calm and completely unbothered, you’re not about to let anyone try you. In-your-face fruit notes like blackcurrant mingle with jasmine petals, weaving a decadent web tinged with an element of sass. Bold, brash, and unafraid to bare it all, creamy sandalwood and skin musk evoke a carefree, confident kind of vibe. You know exactly who you are, and you are, in fact, the f*cking boss.

fragrance family

Woody Fruity

When woody notes skinny dip in a pool of ripe fruit juices, the woody fruity blend will make your heart skip a beat - and then some.



Jasmine Petals

Oak Moss



Bitch, Please carries this bold, brash attitude by mingling notes of blackcurrant with raspberries. Calming and completely unbothered, you’ll find jasmine petals laid on creamy sandalwood right at the intersection between desire and seduction, transformed into a full-blown fantasy. And you definitely need the full-sized bottle for this.

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Hair has the uncanny ability to hold onto scent the longest. We’ve paired the addictive aroma of Bitch, Please with hair-loving, nourishing ingredients, threw the drying-out alcohols out of the room, and turned the shine and volume up.

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Purse, pocket, and travel friendly, this compact 8 mL spray is loaded with your favorite accords and perfectly sized for those times on the road or on the run. Like a joy ride, you never know where the night will lead you, so it’s best you come prepared.

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